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Why Thermomix®?

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What is a Thermomix® and should you buy one?

A Thermomix® TM6 is a kitchen robot that replaces over 25 appliances in one sleek, compact unit that packs enormous power, versatility and innovation. It is like having a sous-chef next to you helping in making your cooking easier.  It also includes a recipe platform called Cookidoo that will inspire you to try recipes from all over the world (Australia, Asia, India, America and much more). 

How do you buy a Thermomix® in Ireland or UK?

Thermomix® TM6 is the only model available for purchase in the market via Independent Thermomix® advisors like Sara de Miguel that can assist you to not only do a demo and purchase a Thermomix® TM6 if you wish, but she will also be with you all the way in your cooking journey. Helping you to set up the machine, cook your first recipe and guide you to maximize the use of this fantastic kitchen appliance and get value for your investment. Sara is based in Cork (Ireland) and she is a Thermomix UK and Ireland independent advisor, with her 22 years experience using Thermomix® first as a client and the last 12 years as an Independent Thermomix consultant (advisor number 8000000055), can assist you have you thermomixer in 4-6 business days in your kitchen. Start visualizing where you are going to place your Thermomix TM6 when it is delivered!

This is why buying through Sara will be so different to any other soup makers, blenders, slow cookers, rice cookers, steamers, bread makers you have bought in the past from Brown Thomas, Argos, Currys, Harvey Norman, Ebay or Amazon. Thermo mix has increased in popularity in Ireland and UK over the last few years. Particularly in the South of Ireland, Cork where Sara is based, has a huge number of clients and they love it, some think Thermomix and their air fryer are the best match! What are you waiting to get yours?

What can you do with a Thermomix®?