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Are you ready to experience the benefits of yoga? 

Office Chair Yoga:

Promoting Wellness at the Workplace

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Office Chair Yoga




Do you work in a busy corporate office environment and never have two minutes to breath? Do you suffer from lower back pain from long periods sitting at your desk?


Organize a chair yoga class with Flowithme. Chair Yoga is a form of yoga which has been adapted so that it can be performed sitting on a chair, making it incredibly applicable to daily office life. It is the perfect activity to break up those long sedentary periods throughout the day, helping improve future productivity and relieving muscular tension.

The aim of the sessions is to perform a number of poses and educate on breathing techniques to help improve flexibility and promote relaxation.

Some of the benefits that our clients have experienced after a chair yoga class have been:

  • they feel more relaxed;

  • improved moods;

  • increased energy levels; and

  • increased productivity.

All you need is a chair and wear comfortable clothes. Check out our blog to find out more about the types of chair here.

Flowithme offers virtual chair yoga classes for you and your teams where the students will get the benefits of practising yoga and taking the time to took after their well-being. Contact Sara for more information and prices. 

Companies that have benefited from Flowithme Chair Yoga classes

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Follow us on FlowithmeYouTube channel to learn more about chair yoga, breathing and meditation techniques. Find below example of a 10 minutes chair yoga class for office workers.

What Finbarr said about us

I attended Sara’s chair yoga classes and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Sara is an excellent teacher and her classes are very enjoyable and relaxing. Sara guides her classes through the various yoga poses with clear instructions and demonstrations of the poses and is excellent at helping her students get the moves right in order to get the most from the pose. Sara is also excellent at maintaining a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere throughout her classes so her students feel refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards. I found Sara’s class to be a great workout in its own right but also an excellent compliment to other training methods such as CrossFit or HIIT. As a teacher, Sara’s enthusiasm for all things yoga really shines through and her students can really sense this enthusiasm and it makes a big difference to her students experience of chair yoga.

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