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"Music to the rescue"


About the e-book

During one of the most challenging times in XXI century with COVID-19, music connected people all around the world thanks to the kitchen appliance Thermomix.


"Music to the rescue" is Sara de Miguel Hernandez's first ever bedtime story for children to explain how COVID-19 virus spread around the world and how with the music from David Castro @davidcastro.musica and Thermomix, brought smiles and fun to many families, making the situation a little bit better. Check out below the successful hit "La Thermomix me habla" from David and how a second video  'You'll never cook alone' got families from all around the world dancing and singing with their Thermomix. 


Click on the link below to download a sneak-peak of this beautiful e-book. Enjoy!

Illustrations from Zoe de Rosa Senderos @senderosderosas 

David Castro's hit where the Thermomix talks to him.

Families from all around the world dancing and singing next to their Thermomix. 

About the author


Sara wrote the book with her grandchildren in mind as her grandfather Domingo was an orphan because of the Spanish flu in 1918. He survived with just 12 years of age and even though he lived until 100 years old, Sara never got to know what the pandemic was like for him. Sara would like her children and grandchildren to know what happened to her during 2020 pandemic and how a very challenging situation ended up bringing the best in people from all around the world and connecting them with music.

Sara and David worked together during COVID-19 and created a fun video with families from all around the world dancing and singing next to their Thermomix. A great memory to treasure for many years to come!

Sara with her grandparents Domingo and Antonia and her brother Pablo.

Download a sneak peak of the e-book

Listen to the audio book

What Francine said about the book

Beautiful book. Well done Sara!

I have printed it in colour and having it bound as it’s a work of art and a treasure ahead ...I can read it to my grandchildren and tell them how I connected with you from one side of the world in Australia to another! 

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