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Back to the new normal

Life is just a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you! In times of difficulty, we can always control what is inside us and choose to have a positive attitude. It takes the same amount of effort than being negative, so let's smile!

In these challenging times we are all living in with self-isolation, many of us have been spending a lot of time indoors, mostly in our comfy house clothes. Not being as active as we normally are used to and also dealing with different situations you had never had before. It has been a time of change for sure! Change in our body and our mind.

Spending more time at home has meant, more cooking and more time in the kitchen. What is going to happen when we go out of self-isolation? What is the new normal going to be?

In Flowithme, we have been supporting our clients with facebook live chair yoga classes free every Monday at 11.30am Irish time from our virtual yoga studio. Check this video out to find out what chair yoga is.

Also with facebook live workshops on life coaching to tap into the clients’ desires and help to find clarity and put a structure that will support them once the situation goes back to some short of normality. Whatever normal is going to mean from now on, we will not know. We will have to wait and see.

See below life coaching session identifying the values and what are the needs / wants / wishes. A great technique to assist identifying the degree of importance of some things and actions and ultimately, the best way to live your life as acting from your values will motivate you to act on the things that you really want and succeed.

Identifying your needs / wants / wishes will give you a bigger picture when setting goals ensuring balance and fulfillment.

If living a healthy life is something that is important to you, Flowithme has combined healthy cooking and chair yoga in a new way.

Using Thermomix and cooking healthy meals, means that there is time in the kitchen to concentrate in your body and support it to stretch and get more active.

This week, Sara showed us how easy you can make your own rustic bread and while your Thermomix is kneading, you can practice 3 minutes of chair yoga.

Rustic Bread Recipe for Thermomix


250 g of water

15g olive oil and a bit more to spray the bag / pot

1 sachet yeast

500 g strong flour

1 tsp of sugar

2 tsp of salt


1. Add in water and heat for 1 min at 37 C speed 1. In the meantime put a bit of olive oil inside of Roasting Bag/ pirex pot or caster pot.

2. Add into the Thermomix mixing bowl the yeast, 500 g of strong flour, sugar, salt and oil and mix15 seg speed 6. Without measuring cup so the dough gets more air knead for 3 mins in your Thermomix.

3. Put the dough on a surface sprinkle with a bit of flour and give it the shape of a ball. Then make cuts going across the ball. Sprinkle with a bit of flour and into the roasting bag / pirex or caster pot.

4. Put the dough into a COLD oven and then turn it on at 220 C for 45 mins. Voila!

And now that self-isolation is coming closer, how do you feel about getting dressed again every morning in no so stretchy outfits? Maybe you want to keep looking after what you eat when you are again out and about, gone all day, not that much at home to make/have nice meals.

Let your Thermomix help you!

Join us at our next cooking class, where, in just one hour, we will share a few fabulous recipes to make easier the transition to our new "normal" life, and how to keep the body moving while Thermomix does all the work with chair yoga practice.

Check out our previous cooking class and chair yoga we did for our Cork Thermomix lovers. Now it is virtual so you all can attend!

See you there!


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