Learn easy and fast ways to cook healthy meals with Thermomix®

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Cooking doesn't have to be stressful or unpleasant. By learning a few key cooking and planning techniques, tips and methods, you can take control and be in charge of what goes into your body, have some fun, and enjoy nutritious and delicious food with your family and friends.

Feel confident in your kitchen, making healthy yet hearty and nurturing meals with Thermomix® kitchen appliance. 

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Make the most of your Thermomix® and learn many tips and tricks to make your cooking journey even easier! Join Sara in the virtual kitchen and learn in 7 lessons how to make the most use of such a fantastic kitchen appliance. 

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In Ireland, Sara is an Independent Thermomix® consultant and has created a series of short episode videos with tips on how to create your own pantry essentials with your Thermomix®,develop new cooking skills, cook low carb recipes and have zero waste while boosting your immune system. We tell you! Thermomix® will rescue every time you need it. Check the videos and recipes in Flowithme YouTube channel here

What is Thermomix® you wonder?






Thermomix® TM6 replaces over 22 appliances in one sleek, compact unit that packs enormous power, versatility and innovation. So you can chop, beat, blend, whip, weigh, mill, knead, mince, slow cook, steam and more at the touch of a button. And it washes itself too!!

If you want to have your own Thermomix® in your kitchen, contact us or attend one of our virtual cooking workshops or organize your own private cooking class with Sara. 

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Join the big community of Thermomix® lovers that Sara has created over the last 10 years in Ireland. Her facebook group "Our Cooking Journey" is a community of like-minded people passionate about good food and cooking with their Thermomix®. You'll never cook alone again!



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Sara with her two Thermomix® fellow advisors Desiree Castro and Maria Martinez, have created 'Three to the Rescue'. A platform where they interview a lot of interesting and exciting people that they have met through the Thermomix® journey and each guest shares their knowledge and passion for cooking and cooking with Thermomix®

Some of the guests to the podcast vary from Australian Award winning author and blogger Jo Whitton, Masterchef contestant Dean Edwards, Spanish singer David Castro or South African business entrepreneur Heidi Kramer.

To listen to the latest podcast, check Spotify channel "Three to the Rescue" or watch the interviews in Three to The Rescue YouTube channel below. 

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What Susana said about us

I've known Sara for a few years now, first as my Thermomix® advisor and later as a very good like minded friend. Sara is an extremely motivated person that approaches life from a holistic point of view. In her role as Thermomix® advisor the main promoting feature she focuses on is the health benefit factor of using the machine, specifically being able to create all your meals from scratch so you know exactly what is in your food. She prepares her demos based on customer requirements and always highlights the benefits of using certain ingredients that will increase the customer's wellness. Sara has also organised a number of workshops in recent years where she has combined the topics of yoga and healthy cooking.


Thanks to her enthusiasm in organising these events, they have always proven to be a good success and attendance has been big. It has got to the point that if you want to have a place in them you have to book them as soon as you get a notification of the event happening!!!

What Heidi said about us

Thank you Three to the Rescue team for your support and friendship. This has been a honour to share my journey with you and others . My continued passion for food and cooking would not be possible without the wonderful Thermomix® community that exists today. I continue to learn and be inspired everyday with new recipes and ideas shared .