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Thermomix to the Rescue

Have you found the current situation forcing you get into the kitchen more often? Spending more time in the house and with restaurants and take away closed, it meant more cooking and that comes with other challenges. Not to worry, Thermomix is here to help you!

We all feel a bit weary in this unprecedented moments. Being self isolating at home is the sensible thing to do, and has its pros and cons, but it could end up making us feel disconnected from others. Don’t feel alone or lost just because we need to stay at home or come straight to it after work and then the shops don’t stock absolutely everything all the time....breath in, breath out and relax. Thermomix has you covered.

Flowithme has teamed up with Maria Martinez and Desiree Castro as part of the Cork Thermomix team and we have created a series of short daily videos with tips on how to create your own pantry essentials with your Thermomix, develop new cooking skills, cook low carb recipes and have zero waste while boosting your immune system. We told you! Thermomix will rescue you during these challenging times! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Example is this "Rescue Pesto". No pinenuts.... no problem. No basil.... no problem. We can still make a delicious pesto with whatever you have in the fridge.

The Thermomix to the rescue started as a campaign to support all our Thermomix clients in Ireland to learn how to use their Thermomix to their maximum potential and also start making from scratch a lot of pantry essentials that are no longer available in the shop shelves. We did not expect that this initiative would be followed by people all around the world: United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico....

It has been an interesting few weeks where every day we share a new recipe. All videos are available in Thermomix to the Rescue YouTube channel :

Pantry Essentials

Day 1 - Turmeric Wellness Shot

Day 2 - Vegetable Stock

Day 3 - Pisto / Ratatouille

Day 4 - Rescue Pesto

Day 5 - Grain Free / Low Carb Bread

Day 6 - Quick Savoury Pastry Spanish Style

Day 7 - Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (Nutella) and NOTella

Day 8 - Nut Flour / Low Carb Pancakes

No flour in the shop? No problem. Let's make our own bread super easy and low carbs too.

Now more than ever, we need to look after our health and diet and being able to make everything from scratch with easy simple steps in my Thermomix has supported me to eat healthily while having fun in the kitchen.

Feeling like something sweet like Nutella.... you can have it too! Let's make it together in your Thermomix.

To end the first week of Thermomix to the Rescue, we organized our first ever online event with a class with over 70 attendees. It was a lot of fun and in 45 minutes, we made a total of 6 recipes covering starters, main course, dessert and a drink. What more could you ask for?!

Watch in this video the highlights of the class and get an idea for the next class. Are you going to join us?

Stay tuned for week 2 with Easy Meal recipes and a lot more.

If you also want to have a Thermomix TM6 in your kitchen, contact for more details or check Flowithme website.

Happy Thermomixing!

Stay healthy. Stay safe.


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