Chair Yoga: 

Yoga performed sitting on a chair

no matter your fitness / flexibility level

 Chair Yoga



















At Flowithme, we want to make yoga accessible to everyone. We can do this with Chair Yoga; a form of yoga which has been adapted to allow many of the key poses to be performed from a sitting position. With the support of the chair, the important physical and mental benefits of yoga can still be delivered without the need to get down on the floor or self support in a standing position.  


Who can practice Chair Yoga?


The range of movement in traditional yoga can seem daunting to those with physical restrictions: injury; disability; weight; age; limited flexibility. Our chair yoga is very gentle and can allow you to build up your range of motion and increase confidence.


For those of you who find it hard to get time and space to exercise due to long hours at the office or travelling, then consider chair yoga. Our classes offer the perfect antidote, promoting full-body strengthening using a chair as a prop. The exercises help open your hips and shoulders, articulate your spine, and give you tools for relieving stress. Chair yoga can be performed at your desk, in the airport waiting lounge, or wherever you find yourself seated. 

Everyone has a different level of flexibility or range of motion. We consider this when we design our chair yoga classes, making our classes safe and fun!


Chair yoga is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.

What are the benefits of chair yoga?

There are many benefits that our clients have experienced after a chair yoga class:

  • feel more relaxed;

  • relief of body aches;

  • increased physical mobility;

  • improved strength and endurance;

  • mood improves;

  • increased energy levels;

  • more focused and clear mind. 

The chair elevates the yoga practice and supports for physical body issues such as foot, knee and the familiar low back pain. 

Flowithme Virtual Chair Yoga Studio

If you also want to practice Chair Yoga Classes now you can do it online in our  Virtual Yoga Studio.

Over 50 video classes are available and you can access them at your convenience and unlimited times.


Just one click away from booking your monthly membership starting from as little as €25 a month!

Book now your Monthly Memberships


  • Special access to yoga videos


  • Unlimited access to yoga videos

  • Unlimited access to meditation videos


  • Unlimited access to yoga videos

  • Unlimited access to meditation videos

  • 1 Hour private yoga class


What David said about us

I joined Flowithme Virtual Studio and I am finding it really beneficial, especially with poses I have difficulty with. Sara breaks down each movement and pose, and then goes through a number of pose variations. The pace of the classes really help as well, time to adjust and try out variations, but never lagging. Being virtual and with my camera off I am able to get out of my head and not worry about disrupting the class when I do break a pose, which makes it easier to focus.

Follow us on FlowithmeYouTube channel to learn more about chair yoga, breathing and meditation techniques.

Listen to our meditations on Flowithme Wellness Journey Podcast on Spotify .

What Laura said about us

Over a year ago I started the hunt for a chair yoga class. I am a wheelchair user and although I have done quite a lot of yoga on and off over the years it has been difficult to find somewhere in Ireland where I could get a consistent practice. A friend of a friend directed me to Sara at Flowithme and that was it, it was a perfect fit! During the course of this year I have benefited so much from our weekly classes. I have learned to adapt poses to fit my body but I have also learned how to adapt the mindset to follow. Our classes are fun, energetic and I always learn something new. I have loved going on this adventure with Flowithme and I encourage anyone who is interested, no matter your level of flexibility to give it a try because yoga really is for everyone! 

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