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Meet the Founder


Sara is a qualified Life Coach and Yoga Teacher who is very passionate about wellness and healthy cooking.

Flowithme was the name that came to Sara while surfing in Australia. Looking at the ocean and the waves, life was inviting her to "Flow with me".

She founded Flowithme in 2019 with the mission of helping her clients to reach their full potential using an integrated body, mind and spirit approach. Immersing in a state of flow where the information enters the consciousness and easily improves the quality of life. 

Sara’s technique incorporates the practice of chair yoga, life coaching and cooking, helping her clients to reflect, rebalance and refocus in any area of their life.


Sara works both with individuals on a one-to-one basis and with larger corporate groups in English and Spanish.

“Yoga creates the connection that is built between the body, the mind and the spirit. I am here to help others to connect with themselves and realize that yoga is for everyone and can be practised everywhere”.


At the time, living a very fast paced corporate life, Sara first began practicing yoga as a means to find stillness in her mind, as well as to stay fit. The positive results she experienced by practising yoga for five years led her to train as a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher with The Sacred Fig in Bali (Indonesia) in 2018 in an intensive 200h teacher training course.

Following her qualification and three month break traveling the world, her passion for yoga called her to share all the knowledge she had acquired during this journey with friends and colleagues by setting up some “chair yoga” classes that became very popular in the company Sara was working for at the time.

Sara practices both Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga styles. Sara finds that the Vinyasa style increases her flexibility and body strength by following a fast-paced series of postures or asanas that focus on the flow between movements, rather than individual poses. Kundalini yoga, also known as "the yoga of awareness," goes beyond the physical aspects, which is something Sara has always been very drawn to. Her own practice combines both styles, bringing balance to her body, mind and spirit.

Sara's interviews in the press

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 2019 AIB Women in Enterprise Winner - Business Development Award

Almost 80 companies took part in the AIB Women in Enterprise programme, an eight-month initiative that kicked off in December 2018. This initiative aimed to recognise business women potential and sustain and grow their business. Flowithme won the Business development category of the 2019 AIB Women in Enterprise Awards.

Attending the AIB Women in Enterprise Growth Masterclass and Growth Academy, Flowithme got the tools, support and guidance around the specific challenges when facing a business. AIB were able to back up how the Flowithme ideas turned into actions.

We are really grateful to have been awarded with this important recognition as well for the support received from AIB Bank.


“For me cooking is one of the simplest and most gratifying experiences. Cooking and eating healthily can be very easy and fun and that is what I like to convey and share with everybody who comes to my workshops”.

cooking with thermomix

At a very young age, Sara experienced the joy of cooking at home with her mother and her “Thermomix® ”. She learnt how easy it was to make any meal from scratch, and the importance of knowing exactly what went into the food she was eating. Following a Mediterranean diet allowed her to try countless recipes with very fresh ingredients.

Since Sara moved to Cork - Ireland, Sara has been sharing her passion for cooking with Thermomix® for the past 10 years with her cooking classes and wellness workshops. She is an  Independent Thermomix consultant for both Ireland and UK. Her themed classes are a combination of easy-to-follow recipes cooked in the Thermomix® and a platform to share knowledge about food and health. Her cooking classes are always good fun, high energy and constantly growing in popularity with high attendance.


Her cooking classes have created a community of like-minded people, she runs a large Facebook group where recipes, ideas and tips are shared on a daily basis, called ‘Our Cooking Journey’. Sara’s approach motivates more and more people to eat healthily and encourages a love of cooking with people of all ages, and in particular, the younger generations.

“Everyone deserves to live their best life, whatever their choice of life is. I am here to facilitate that time to pause and look at what it is important for my clients and how to make it happen”.


It was by chance that Sara discovered the benefits of life coaching which helped her to embark on a journey of self-discovery and experiences around the world, as she set off on the trip of a lifetime to Australia, New Zealand and Bali.

It was in Bali where she discovered her passion for helping others to follow their own path too. She found her purpose in life and when she returned to Europe she qualified as an business and life coach with Positive Success Group in Cork, Ireland in 2018.

Sara’s career to date and her ACCA qualification has cultivated her strategic development, mentoring and problem solving abilities.

The skills acquired have easily been transferred and they have served her well in her current role as an business and life coach. Her interpersonal skills, openness, friendly and warm personality serve to build rapport with her clients. Her knowledge, expertise and professionalism assist her in supporting and empowering her clients to achieve their desired goals.

She has created a dedicated Facebook Group "Your Wellness Journey ~ Yoga ~ Cooking ~ Coachingto share tips and skills with others.

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