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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I own a Thermomix® TM31 / TM5 model. Will I benefit from attending the TM Cooking Course?
    Yes, a lot of the tips in the course are relevant to all Thermomix® models and just a couple of modes (High Temperature and Sugar Stages) are specific to the Thermomix® TM6 model You will learn a lot of tips about how to use your Thermomix® and also be part of a community of other Thermomix® lovers that will go with you in this journey.
  • Is there a time limit to watch the course online?
    Once the TM Cooking Course is purchased, there is no time limit or a restriction of how often you can watch the videos. Take your time and enjoy the process of learning more about what you can do with your Thermomix®!
  • I have had a Thermomix® TM31 for over ten years. Is there anything I can learn from this course?
    The aim of this course is to inspire you to use your Thermomix® as much as possible. This course will teach you how much your Thermomix® can be used for different things. Learning from others and what they use their Thermomix® for can be beneficial for you and will inspire you to get more creative with your cooking! Sara has had clients using their TM31 for over 18 years and they still learned new things during the course.
  • When is the next live programme going to take place?
    The next live course will start in July 2023 and October 2023. The live course takes place once every quarter. For specific dates , contact Sara at
  • What is the main difference between the online and the live online course?
    The Live Online Course provides you with the opportunity to ask Sara questions live during the virtual classes and you also have the opportunity to learn tips and tricks from other attendees as a specific whatsapp group is created for each course. On the other hand, the online course can be accessed at any time and as often as you like as videos are recorded and ready to be used by you. It all depends on which option suits you best! There is an option for everyone's needs!
  • What are the benefits of the TM Cooking Course?
    The TM Cooking Course is beneficial for a lot of reasons! Not only does Sara provide you with inspiration for your Thermomix® but you become part of our community of Thermomix® users. It is an amazing opportunity to bounce ideas off other attendees, see what recipes they are cooking and learn how to maximize your investment by using more functions and therefore, saving time in the kitchen.
  • What have previous clients said about the TM Cooking Course?
    Pau Castell "Sara shared with us her experience and passion for cooking with the Thermomix®. Loads of tips that helped to take the most benefit of my Thermomix®. She is also very energetic and nice. I would recommend the course to anybody with a Thermomix®. I have been using Thermomix® for 13 years and still learned loads and found it very beneficial." Roz McElwee "The workshops with Sara were brilliant. Exactly what I needed to be wholly confident with using Thermomix®. I picked up lots of tips that I never would have known had I not done it! Sara was great for addressing all questions and answering straightaway with advice." Dave Murphy "Fantastic idea to have a course, Sara shared so many fantastic tips and recipes and the other participants shared lots of recipe ideas also. Got me focused and learnt loads on the functions that I had never used before eg thicken and slow cooker function in my Thermomix." Maggie Chojan "Sara has been very knowledgeable of how to make the best use out of the Thermomix®.Has so many great tips. It's pleasure to listen to her. Thank you so much for sharing your experience through the cooking classes."
  • How do I enter the virtual yoga studio?
    In the HOME page, click on virtual studio. Check out this video with the steps:
  • What Chair is Good for Chair Yoga?
    Check out our blog to find out which chair is more appropriate for your chair yoga practice. Blog here:
  • What membership options do I have in the Virtual Yoga Studio?
    There are 3 monthly memberships in FloWithMe Virtual Yoga Studio? -Bronze: This membership grants you access to many different chair yoga videos for unlimited time. -Silver: This membership grants you access to all chair yoga videos and also the meditations. - Gold: This membership grants you access to all chair yoga videos, meditations and a monthly 1h private class with our teacher Sara.
  • How do I reset my password if I cannot remember it?
    To reset your password to enter the Virtual Yoga Studio, follow the next steps: 1. In the Home page, Click in ‘Log In’. 2. As yu are already a member, click on ‘Already a member? Log In’ again without filling in any of the information. 3.It will bring you to the last step, ‘Log in with email’ 4.Click on ‘Forgot password’ 5. Create a new password
  • How do I buy the different membership options?
    To buy your preferred membership package follow these simple steps: Go to Click on virtual studio plans sub-menu Select the studio plan that suits you best It will be bring you to Checkout. Fill in the details to sign up (if you are not already a member ), the system will direct you to the payment page where you can finalize your purchase.
  • What happens if I have signed up but I have not bought the membership yet?
    To purchase your membership package, follow the next steps: Click on this link: Select the plan you would like to purchase You are already signed-up, insert the card details and click ‘Buy Now’. Click 'Buy now' to complete the transaction and have access to the studio When you enter the studio, you will have a section called My Virtual Studio, there you can click to ‘Go to My virtual studio’ and all the videos will be available there. (Sometimes you may need to refresh the website or log off and log in again into your Flowithme session so the new changes are updated).
  • What have previous clients said about Flowithme Chair Yoga?
    Finbarr Murphy - Financial Accountant: "I attended Sara’s chair yoga classes and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Sara is an excellent teacher and her classes are very enjoyable and relaxing." Lucile - Virtual Chair Yoga Student "I am so glad I got to discover FloWithMe chair yoga. The 6 weeks of private online classes have been absolutely wonderful . Sara is such a kind and gentle person. I had no idea chair yoga could be so efficient, deep, and easy to practice . I have learned a lot and will definitely keep practicing! I cannot recommend it enough ! Thank you so much Sara for that fantastic experience." Gráinne Crowley "I had always wanted to try yoga but was daunted by the expectation that it would be too difficult for a total novice such as myself. Flowithme offers the opportunity to start that journey at your own pace and Sara makes sure to take you on the scenic route." Laura Hallissey "I am a wheelchair user and during the course of this year I have benefited so much from our weekly classes. I have learned to adapt poses to fit my body but I have also learned how to adapt the mindset to follow. Our classes are fun, energetic and I always learn something new." Zoe de Rosa Sendero "Sara es una gran profesora de yoga. La paz y tranquilidad que transmite en sus clases hace que termines súper relajada. Soy una persona que trabaja muchas horas sentada y gracias a las clases de Flowithme he conseguido que mis dolores de cervicales y de cuello vayan desapareciendo."
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