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What Chair is Good for Chair Yoga?

Using a chair as support for practicing yoga can allow yoga students to practice poses easier as well as help long term yogis to reach to postures that may not be able to do on the mat.

I hear you asking, “Will any type of chair work for practising chair yoga?” The answer is YES. Even though, the chair type and size may limit the type of poses you can practice, there is always variations you can do to adapt the posture to your body and the space that you have with whatever chair you have at home.

For example, a simple kitchen table chair or folding chair would easily work. It will mean you may have to adapt the posture with the chair you have. You can always use additional props to help you like blocks, cushions, yoga mat, blankets to make the chair more comfortable for you.

If you are looking for a more advanced solution, several companies now produce chairs that are specifically designed to use during yoga and other types of exercise. These are backless chairs or balance ball chairs that are more versatile.

Things to keep in mind when choosing your yoga chair:

· the style of chair;

· the type of poses you wish to practice;

· with or without wheels;

· tall or short back;

· height of the chair for your body type

· arm rest or no arm rest.

Chair Types

A yoga chair can present itself in many styles and shapes. Find below the most popular type of chairs.

1. Standard Chair:

Many standard kitchen or desk chairs could potentially work well for chair yoga. For example, a wooden kitchen chair, or standard metal folding chair may work just fine for your practice. However, keep in mind that using one of these chairs as a yoga chair may create some issues. For instance, you will need to make sure that the chair is the right height for your body type. Always have close by yoga blocks, cushions or blankets as they will help you when setting up the chair for your yoga practice.

2. Backless Chair:

You may discover that you would prefer a backless yoga chair. A backless chair will make more poses accessible to you. Since most home chairs are not backless, you will need to look around in shops to find one. Luckily, there are some inexpensive options.

3. Balance Ball Chair:

It may be worth considering using a balance ball chair for your chair yoga practice. These chairs have become a popular alternative to standard desk chairs and many people use them daily while working behind their desk. Balance ball chairs are also a comprise between sitting on just a ball or sitting on a standard chair. Sitting on these chairs helps to engage the core muscles which can help improve your posture.

Balance ball chairs can also act as a yoga chair, but lock the wheels during your practice time or ensure it is placed over a mat or carpet so it is stable and secured. The balls are also removeable to allow use of the ball without the chair.

4. Office Chair:

If practising chair yoga in your office, it will be really handy to do the postures using your office chair. Many normal desk chairs also work, but you may want to use one without wheels or arm rests if possible. Just keep in mind if it has wheels to ensure the chair is well positioned and safe to do the postures. Placing the chair on top of a carpet or a yoga mat will help for stability and security.

No matter which chair you choose, ensure you are comfortable and have props to help you like blocks, cushions, yoga mat, blankets nearby as you may need them to adapt the posture to you.

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