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How to Face Fears?

What would you do if you were not afraid?

I was asked this question 3 years ago at an event and I had to go in front of people and write it down on a board. That experience alone was scary in itself but many days I look back and I see it as the pinnacle moment when everything started changing for me. When I finally broke out of my comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is a state where you feel safe and in control. That sounds good, but in the comfort zone, you also find nothing too challenging, and learn nothing new. According to this diagram (couldn’t find the source), you have to get out of the comfort zone and go through the fear zone to get to the learning zone and the growth zone. How many times do we get stuck in the “Fear Zone”??

After few days have passed, I have got a chance to reflect on the great experience of sharing my passion for chair yoga on live tv with TV3 in the programme Ireland AM from Virgin Media Television (I am still buzzing from it!!).

Thank you Catherine Leyden and Alan Hughes for joining me in this short chair yoga practising showing Ireland viewers that no matter your fitness or flexibility level, you can practice chair yoga as it is accessible for everybody.

I see that it has been a journey for me through all the stages:

1) From qualifying as a chair yoga teacher (Comfort Zone)

2) Teaching chair yoga face to face instead of virtually (Fear Zone)

3) Starting facebook lives back last March (Learning Zone)

4) Teaching chair yoga live on @virginmediatelevision_ (Growth Zone)

It was the practice and hours learning that gave me the confidence to go to live TV and be relaxed and confident. It is a beautiful journey going through all the stages. Having the support of my coach has also helped me to identify the fears and what were they based on and remove them with new beliefs and real evidence!!

If you also want to face fears and follow your dreams, contact me and we can organize a life coaching session!

Facing fears is scary. Conquering them is AMAZING!


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