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Life Changing Benefits of Gratitude Practice

May the luck of Irish be there with you! 🍀 Feeling lucky is an emotion that you have control over and that you can create at any time. Look around you and notice all the great things that surround you. Finding reasons to be thankful for is easy, it only takes a bit of concentration and your mindset will swift. As well as many scientifically proven benefits of gratitude, let me share few with you:

1. Improves Health

2. Increases Energy

3. Improves Mood

4. Increases Patience

5. Improves Relationships

6. Keeps you Present

What are three things you feel lucky for today? I am feeling lucky every day to being able to share with my passion for chair yoga, cooking with my Thermomix and living my dreams.

· Chair Yoga

Radio Interview in Cork’s Redfm in Red Business with Jonathan Healy

Chair Yoga Teacher Training with LV Chair Yoga Australia

It is a pleasure for me to bring the fabulous Claire from @lvcyau all the way to Europe (even if virtually!!) and together share our knowledge of chair yoga with you, my community!! 🤗🤗

Do you want to learn more about chair yoga? Join us next month in the virtual classroom.

When❓Weekends 9-11th & 16-18th of April 2021. Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Time: 8:30-11:30am GMT – Total 18 hours

This course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to be able to share the benefits of Chair Yoga with everybody - safely and effectively. It is open to yoga teachers and others such as medical or mental health professionals, community or aged care workers, teachers, corporate workers or anyone who would like to share the benefits of Yoga with more of their community.