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Do you Suffer from Back Pain?

You are not alone. According to the National Library of Medicine, Lower Back Pain effects roughly 13% of Irish people and it is estimated that about a quarter of a million Irish people are effected by some kind of Back Pain. This blog post delves into this issue and discusses ways to alleviate any Back Pain you may be dealing with.

Illustration by Alexandra Gordon, Verywell

1. What causes back pain?

The cause of Back Pain is most commonly linked to a muscle or ligament strain. Repeated heavy lifting or a sudden awkward movement can strain the back muscles and spinal ligaments causing the individual to feel pain or discomfort in their back. Furthermore, if the individual is in poor physical condition, constant strain on their back can lead to painful muscle spasms.

Why not check out this article by Dr. Kieran O'Sullivan from University of Limerick's School of Allied Health to learn more about back pain: UL Study on Back Pain

2. The consequences of having back pain

Back Pain can be an uncomfortable experience for the individual although many suffering individuals are unaware of the magnitude of their problem. According to there are as many as 250, 000 people in Ireland suffering with nerve-related back pain. The Irish mentality of ‘Ah it will be grand’ means that many of those suffering do not seek medical assistance for their condition believing that it is not serious enough to warrant any treatment.

3. How to alleviate the pain or even remove it

  • Work on Achieving Good Posture

  • Ensure that you get Enough Sleep

  • Sleep on a Good Mattress

  • Have a Good Office Chair

  • Visit a Physiotherapist

  • Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects

  • Place a Heat Pad on your Back

Another method is Chair Yoga. Chair Yoga, like regular yoga, involves a series of postures that emphasize breathing techniques except while sitting on a chair. The postures teach you to stretch and strengthen your muscles, which helps reduce muscle tension, build flexibility and strength, improve balance and bone strength.

If you’re dealing with back pain, Chair Yoga may be just what the doctor ordered. Chair Yoga is a mind-body therapy that is often recommended to treat not only back pain but the stress that accompanies it. The appropriate poses with the support of the chair can relax and strengthen your body, and particu