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Thermomix to the Rescue II

No one expected what was coming over us during the month of March 2020 ... Flowithme has teamed up with Dèsirée Castro Rodríguez, Maria Martinez Galvez and we are so happy that this little project 'Thermomix to the Rescue' has made its small contribution to keep people connected, motivated to cook together and even having a bit of a craic.

David Castro has been a great Thermomix embassador to bring smiles to so many Thermomix lovers around the world. David is the latest Thermomix hit with over 300,00 views of his latest video. David is a singer/composer from Madrid, Spain; he is one of those unique individuals who has found inspiration in isolation. He is a Thermomix user and while making his meal he came up with the brilliant idea of creating a song with the Thermomix chime. He has very cleverly transformed the iconic Thermomix chime from something that most people consider annoying into a song that everybody around the world want to dance to. Check out his video and his website:

Thank you David Castro for unexpectedly bringing it all together with your tune.

Thank you to all the amazing community of Thermomix users/ Thermomix lovers out there, a BIG THANK YOU for supporting this crazy idea, that now is helping so many of us to keep sane!

During week 2 of Thermomix to the Rescue, easy meals have been prepared to assist making meals for the family in times where we are cooking more than ever and sometimes not all ingredients are easily available.

Spanish Style Croquettes

Flourless and Refined Sugar Free Chocolate Cake

It has been an interesting few weeks where every day we share a new recipe. All videos are available in Thermomix to the Rescue YouTube channel :

Easy meals

Day 9 – Vegetable Risotto

Day 10 – Flour and Refined Sugar free Chocolate Cake

Day 11 – Cauliflower Crusty Pizza

Day 12 – Spanish Style Croquettes

Watch out for more news coming soon!

If you also want to have a Thermomix TM6 in your kitchen, contact for more details or check Flowithme website.

Happy Thermomixing!

Stay healthy. Stay safe.


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