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Discover the benefits of chair yoga

Chair Yoga in Woman's Way

Fri Jan 01 2021 09:30:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Wellness business Flowithme has proven a Covid success story for Sara de Miguel Hernández as she pivoted quickly to bring her already popular Chair Yoga classes online, making them accessible to all.⁠
Sara has already helped 20,000 people by introducing them to the practice of Chair Yoga and is determined that she won’t stop until she has helped at least 1 million people by sharing her love of this amazing wellbeing activity, which is more beneficial than ever as we all deal with the ongoing stress of living with Covid-19.⁠
The beauty of chair yoga is that not matter your fitness or flexibility level, by practising this type of yoga, you will reap the benefits. It is particularly helpful for those with reduced mobility or chronic health problems. There are proven benefits for those with mobility issues (including the elderly) and also huge benefits for cancer patients as the practice reduces fatigue, improves physical functioning and helps promote better sleep.

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