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Pool Yoga:

Making Yoga accessible to everyone 


Pool Yoga

Have you ever thought about practising yoga but accessing the mat is not something easily done for you?

What if I told you that being in the water takes all the weight and pressure off , and floating means you can stretch and move more freely.

  • Let the water take the weight.

  • Let the water hold and support you.

  • With the water to support you, focus on ease and movement.


Pool yoga is great  for students that could not attend a normal yoga class, can benefit from practising yoga and be supported by the water with very low impact on the joints which makes it suitable to all levels. Especially for anyone dealing with reduced mobility or physical pain.

What Eva said about us

I really enjoyed pool yoga class with Flowithme. It was a relaxing yoga class taken at my own pace which is great for those with joint issues as the water takes all the weight off. I would never do a yoga class as I would be afraid I would be holding the class back or not able to do some of the positions. Thank you Sara.

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