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How do yoga ~ cooking ~ coaching work together?

FloWithMe mission is to empower clients to take on challenges with a more confident mindset and feeling more fulfilled by following through.

We achieve that with a holistic approach where body, mind and spirit are in alignment. How do we achieve that? With our three services in one.

- Chair Yoga: looking after the body and the mind with meditation practice. And if getting onto the mat is not suitable for our clients, we accommodate with chair yoga for support. Always supporting the body and looking at different ways to open the mind and connect with the higher self;

- Healthy Cooking to look after your body and fueling it with the right ingredients. Also using Thermomix makes you look at cooking from a different mindset of traditional cooking and already opening your mind to new ideas and cooking methods.

- Life coaching: taking the time to look at the mindset and that limitations that have stopped our clients from reaching the life they want to live. These are all techniques that combined together assist to have a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Let’s start your wellness journey together today! Contact Sara and book your first appointment or for more information.


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