Virtual Kitchen Pass

Do you have a Thermomix® and need inspiration?

You have made a great investment and so excited you have a Thermomix®!!! Now it is time to make the most out of it. 

After many years helping clients, Sara noticed that it can be a bit overwhelming to take in all the information and cook with your Thermomix® (TM31, TM5 & TM6 models) and as everything in life, this is a journey. That is why Sara has created the Virtual Kitchen Pass.

Make the most of your Thermomix® and learn many tips and tricks to make your cooking journey even easier! Join Sara in the virtual kitchen and learn in 8 lessons how to make the most use of such a fantastic kitchen appliance. 

From easy recipes to Michelin Star Used Cooking methods, Sara will guide you in this beautiful journey. 

The 'Virtual Kitchen Pass' is a programme designed for  Thermomix® users to learn how easy it is to cook in your Thermomix®. New and not so new to Thermomix®, no matter what model you have (TM31, TM5 & TM6 models), you will learn a lot from this programme as previous clients have confirmed. 





Live course

If you cannot wait for our next live course, you can have access to the online course available today!

The Virtual Kitchen Pass includes:

  • 8 video lessons where Sara guides you through all the different modes in your Thermomix® TM5 and TM6

    • Lesson 1 - Intro to Thermomix®

    • Lesson 2 - Steaming

    • Lesson 3 - Fermenting

    • Lesson 4 - Cooking 

    • Lesson 5 - Sous-vide

    • Lesson 6 - Kneading 

    • Lesson 7 - Adapting and converting recipes to Thermomix®

    • Lesson 8 - Cook with your Thermomix® friend

  • Many tips and tricks

  • New recipes inspiration 

  • eBook with all this information in one place

  • Monthly cooking club

  • Join the FloWithMe Community group 

For a launch offer, this online course is €40 instead of €80, saving 50%. 

Our clients that have experienced are so happy and using their Thermomix® every day to its full capacity! 

Check out our

Frequently Asked Questions 

In April and May,

join the 8 week course LIVE!

Pau Castell

Sara shared with us her experience and passion for cooking with the Thermomix®. Loads of tips that helped to take the most benefit of my Thermomix®. She is also very energetic  and nice. I would recommend the course to anybody  with a Thermomix®. I have been using Thermomix® for 13 years and still learned loads and found it very beneficial. 

Roz McElwee

The workshops with Sara were brilliant. Exactly what I needed to be wholly confident with using Thermomix®. I picked up lots of tips that I never would have known had I not done it! Sara was great for addressing all questions and answering straightaway with advice

Dave Murphy

Fantastic idea to have a course, Sara shared so many fantastic tips and recipes and the other participants shared lots of recipe ideas also. 
Got me focused and learnt loads on the functions that I had never used before eg thicken and slow cooker function in my Thermomix. 

Maggie Chojan

Sara has been very knowledgeable of how to make the best use out of the Thermomix®.Has so many great tips. It's pleasure to listen to her. Thank you so much for sharing your experience through the evening cooking classes

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