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Creating new memories

Have you ever felt like life was taking you in a different direction and instead of thinking about it, you just went with the flow? That is what is happening to me right now during quarantine. Funny enough.

Two weeks ago I came across this video from David Castro and his Thermomix song. For those of you not familiar with Thermomix kitchen appliance, at the end of the cooking time, the machine makes a sound to let you know the food is ready. I found the sound a bit annoying until I watched David's video. David is a Spanish musician in quarantine on his own in Madrid and he thought the Thermomix was talking to him after finishing the recipe.

More than 300,000 people around the world (included myself, many times I must admit! lol ) watched the video in the first two days. Such a nice and refreshing idea that brought many smiles in a time where smiling and laughter is so much needed. Have a look yourself!

After watching the video, Flowithme and David teamed up in a new adventure taking the Thermomix song one step further. Asking people all around the world to record a 5-10 seconds video dancing and singing next to their Thermomix. The request went viral and within hours we received many videos from people from Australia, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, Portugal, Italy, Spain to mention a few countries. Putting together a video that showed how connected the world is and how even when we are isolated at home, we never cook alone. The Thermomix Community is widely spread around the world and this time they have showed how connected they are and how music and food can easily make friends around the world. This video is a good example of this, let me share it with you.

The release of the video was well timed with the Thermomix to the Rescue Tapas and Music Cooking Class. A virtual event where Thermomix lovers from Ireland got the opportunity to learn how to make 3 very easy and delicious Spanish recipes. Spiced nuts, Sangria and Spanish omelette low in carbs with courgettes instead of potatoes. Watch out for next week blog with the recipes.

The class was a great success. From the recipe selection, the knowledge of the three presenters, time management on point and excellent music from David Castro. David played a couple of the songs in English from his band “Street Wings” and a song in Spanish from his new debut album solo, ending with the new hit ‘You’ll never cook alone’.Just his beautiful voice and his guitar was enough to serenade the audience and have them dancing in their sitting rooms. Thanks David for taking the time to join the Tapas and Music special class where we not only got to share with the Thermomix community the message that they are not alone in these challenging times. The attendees also got to see that no matter what goes outside in the world, it is in their control to create new memories.

Tapas & Music Thermomix cooking class was a lot more than a very special class. It was a way of life. An event that was created with the purpose that no matter what the situation is outside, you can create your own fun as happiness and joy is an inside job. I am spending quarantine in Ireland on my own as my partner and family are in different parts of the world. A time that it could have been very lonely, it is surprising me with a lot of joyful memories.

In my last two weeks I have created happy memories that I would have never dreamed with. From dancing and singing next to my Thermomix, getting dress up for a virtual concert in my sitting room or connecting with people from Malaysia or Canada because of a song. My question to you is, "how do you want to remember this period of your life?" and "what are you going to do to create new memories during these times?"

It is normal to have good and not so good days. It would not be healthy if we did not go through all the different emotions. I am anyway! It is healthy and it is good to talk to others about how you feel and what you are going through.

You can choose to have happy memories with your loved ones. Not being in the same room is not an excuse to stop creating memories with them. Now it is the time to become more imaginative and creative and try different things with the important people in your life.

Get dressed up, host a virtual dinner party, attend a virtual concert, watch a movie together or make cocktails together. Maybe read a book to each other? or do a workout together? Even just having the phone on and make each other company without having to say anything at all can be a really nice thing to do with a loved one.

Fortunately we live in a time where we have technology and our loved ones are just a click away from us. And make sure you take photos of these moments! They will make you smile in years to come!

What memories are you going to make today?

If you choose cooking, remember.....You’ll never cook alone!

Stay healthy. Stay safe.

If you find that this current situation is having a big impact in your mindset and you could do with a bit of support, contact for more details about life coaching sessions or check Flowithme website.


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