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8 Steps to Look After Your Mental Health in 2021

Do you often wonder how to improve your mental health? These days, it is more and more common to feel anxious and overwhelmed. No wonder why! Our lives have been affected by fear, uncertainty, and lockdown measures that deprive us of human interaction, sometimes leading to loneliness and isolation.

Without a doubt, the situation is challenging. We are keeping the same responsibilities (if not more) at work, at home and in college, while losing most of our social life. So then, is there anything we can do not to feel depressed? Anything to get rid of the pressure?

While changing the current circumstances is out of our control, we do have the possibility to transform our mindset. Making simple changes in our routine can boost our mental health and help us become more resilient people.

But where do we start? Have a look at the eight steps to mental wellbeing that will help you set habits for a positive daily routine:

1. Go for walks

Walking has not only countless benefits for your physical health, but it also helps improve your mood, self-esteem and sleep quality. Try to find time to go for a walk every day, even if it is only 30 minutes, even if it rains or snows. Walking will help you think more creatively while reducing your stress, fatigue and anxiety.

2. Take a break

Forget about duties, screens and concerns, and give yourself a mental break. Through meditation or simply breathing and relaxation techniques, you can recover the energy you need to continue with your day. If your life is so hectic that you struggle to find time to stop, try adding these breaks to your schedule as if they were one more of your commitments. You will soon feel lighter and less stressed!

3. Move your body

Did you know that physically active people have up to a 30% reduced risk of becoming depressed? Besides, staying active helps those that suffer from depression recover quickly. And there is no excuse not to exercise! Don't you like sports? Anybody can dance in the middle of their living-room! In the end, it is just about generating endorphins!

4. Practise yoga

Yoga is probably one of the activities that can help you the most to manage stress. It improves strength, flexibility and balance while reducing back pain and relaxing your body and mind. Yoga also means better sleep, more energy and a brighter mood.

And why chair yoga? Because the list of benefits is also endless! Chair yoga is a natural remedy for arthritis pain and the perfect solution for people that spend eight hours per day sitting in a chair.

5. Treat yourself

We all need something to look forward, especially now. Your favourite movie, a relaxing bath or a chocolate cake are only a few examples of those silly mundane things that can also make us happier. Make sure you find time to enjoy those little things that are so easy to take for granted or forgotten.

6. Eat healthily

Food affects your mood, gives you more energy, helps you think more clearly and reduces anxiety and mild depression. Therefore, if you incorporate healthy eating into your habits, you will enjoy a happier and more satisfying life in return.

Have a look at these quick and healthy recipes and start improving your eating today!

7. Be grateful

Have you ever heard of a gratitude journal? If you start tracking those tiny little things that make you feel grateful, you will soon find yourself feeling more positive and satisfied with your life. It is not about significant achievements, but about small moments of happiness that give you reasons to smile.

8. Design the life of your dreams

If you are lacking a life purpose, self-confidence and clarity and direction in life, you should give coaching a try! This tool can help find what you are looking for as well as setting the foundation of a positive lifestyle.

Use these tips to cope with stress and uncontrollable situations, and most importantly, enjoy life the way it is. Remember, everything is temporary, so this too will pass!

To learn more about chair yoga, healthy cooking or life coaching, contact

Blog written with the collaboration of Ana Gonzalez.


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