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Chair Yoga as a Natural Relief from Arthritis Pain

Arthritis can have a profound impact on a person's quality of life and wellbeing due to acute and chronic pain, physical limitations, management of the condition and mental health issues. This can often result in withdrawal from social, community and occupational activities

What is Arthirits?

Arthritis refers to a range of conditions that involve pain and inflammation in the joints.

Is it a degenerative condition, which means the symptoms tend to worsen over time.These two types of arthritis include osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

OA mainly results when wear and tear of cartilage causes bones to rub together, leading to friction, damage, and inflammation.

RA is a systemic condition that triggers symptoms throughout the body. It’s an autoimmune disease and happens when the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy joint tissue.

Doctors can prescribe medication to relieve the pain of arthritis, but they often recommend natural approaches, too like Chair Yoga. Remember to talk to your doctor before trying any remedy for arthritis, whether it involves medication or not.

Chair Yoga is a very soft and gentle practice that helps students that suffer with #arthritis.

Chair Yoga helps a lot with the movement of all major joints of the body. This can be a great activity for mornings to reduce stiffness or as a warm-up to any kind of exercise. You can also use any of these movements throughout the day if you are starting to feel stiff or just need a little bit of movement in your day.

People with various types of arthritis who practice chair yoga regularly can reduce joint pain, improve joint flexibility and function, and lower stress and tension to promote better sleep. Many people turn to chair yoga as a way to exercise gently, as well as to reduce tension and improve joint flexibility.

We now have included videos in our virtual yoga studio that are specifically designed for Arthritis clients. Contact us for more information sara@flowithme. com

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