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The race of life

Whose race is it?  I took part at the weekend in the Color Dash 5km race. It was a family run in aid of the Irish Cancer Society.  I really enjoyed it and it was exciting to get color all over! Like when we were kids while helping for cancer research.  Some people like walking; others prefer running from 5km, to half marathons or even iron man..... What is the difference? You can say the level of fitness, the training, the commitment, and a long etc..... but in reality, none of that really matters.  It is all about your mindset. Identifying your ‘WHY’!  What makes you run in the first place? What type of race would you like to run? Whose race are you running? Yours? Or somebody else’s?  You will find as many answers as runners in the colour dash race. Each person has a reason; the same way each one of us is running our own race.  A race can be an analogy of life....  You can run or walk and find each step very difficult,  OR You can have a very colourful race and laugh because your hair is now blue/yellow/pink . It is the same distance... you are moving....BUT you choose which experience you want to have. What type of race would you like to run? I help my life coaching clients to find answers to this question and drafting a plan together for their race. If you want to try life coaching, let’s have a chat!

“Run the race of life at your own pace.” – Nill Nandy


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