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Looking to stretch the body and relax the mind?

Experience the benefits of

chair yoga

Is there an area of your life where you feel you are stuck or you would like more clarity on?

Cooking doesn't have to be stressful or unpleasant. Discover the benefits of healthy cooking with Thermomix®!

Meet Sara

Sara is a qualified Life Coach and Yoga Teacher who is very passionate about wellness and healthy cooking.

Flowithme was the name that came to Sara while surfing in Australia. Looking at the ocean and the waves, life was inviting her to "Flow with me".

She founded Flowithme in 2019 with the mission of helping her clients to reach their full potential using an integrated body, mind and spirit approach. Immersing in a state of flow where the information enters the consciousness and easily improves the quality of their life.

Sara’s technique incorporates the practice of:

  • Chair Yoga: looking after the body and the mind with yoga and meditation practice. If getting onto the mat is not suitable for our clients, chair yoga is a fantastic alternative for them. Supporting the body with the chair and looking at different ways to open the mind and connect with the higher self with meditation and mindfulness; 

  • Healthy cooking to look after the body. Using the kitchen appliance Thermomix® helps our clients to look at cooking from a different mindset of traditional cooking and opening their mind to new ideas and cooking methods.

  • Life Coaching: taking the time to look at the mindset and the different limitations that have stopped our clients from reaching the life they want to live.

These techniques combined together assist to have a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Sara works both with individuals on a one-to-one basis and with larger corporate groups in English and Spanish.

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Flowithme Virtual Chair Yoga Studio

Monthly Memberships

If you also want to practice Chair Yoga Classes now you can do it online in our  Virtual Yoga Studio.

Over 50 video classes are available and you can access them at your convenience as often as you like. There are many classes to choose from:

  • From 10 minutes to 60 minutes classes

  • From active to gentle chair yoga practices

  • Desk-bound users

  • Wheelchair yoga users

  • Elderly users

  • Yoga en la silla in Spanish

  • Guided meditations


Just one click away from booking your monthly membership starting from as little as €25 a month!


 €25 per month

  • Special access to many chair yoga videos 

  • Videos organized in categories ​​


€40 per month

  • Unlimited access to chair yoga videos

  • Unlimited access to guided meditation videos


€100 per month

  • Unlimited access to chair yoga videos

  • Unlimited access to guided meditation videos

  • 1 hour private yoga class specifically designed for you 


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Finbarr Murphy

Financial Accountant

I attended Sara’s chair yoga classes and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Sara is an excellent teacher and her classes are very enjoyable and relaxing. 

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Tel:+353 851 387984   /     Email: sara@flowithme.com  


Flowithme Office: Clayton Hotel Cork, Lapp's Quay, Cork, Ireland 

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