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6 tips to have a pleasant trip!

Reduce the impact of traveling in your body in 6 easy steps!

My recent trip back from Australia to Europe showed me the impact traveling has in my metabolism. Being on a 9h flight to Hong Kong, followed by a 13h flight to London was not easy.

It was a long trip but it was in my control to make it better for myself. What did I do to reduce the impact?

✨get plenty of rest before my trip ✨minimise alcohol and caffeine consumption ✨stay hydrated before, during and after the flight ✨have healthy snacks with me so my body gets the nutrients I need and not have to wait to the airplane meals ✨ practice chair yoga before the flight to get my body stretched ✨ meditate for few minutes to calm the mind and connect with my breath

Here is one of the sequences I did to ensure every part of my body was stretched before I got into the first flight.

Going to an airport and traveling by plane can be a stressful experience for many people. Following these easy tips and practising chair yoga before your flight, it can help you to make traveling a pleasant experience.

Give it a go and let me know how you felt in the comments box below.

Safe flight!


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