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Flowithme Virtual Yoga Studio

Times are changing and with change it comes growth. It is a matter of how you want to face it. There are many ways to face change and all of them are as good as each other. For Flowithme, it meant to reinvent the business model and fulfill our clients' needs in a different way. Going online!

Staying at home and sitting down for long periods of time has become the norm. Now more than ever we need to look after our body and mind. What about bringing chair yoga to your front room and get to practice yoga with your love ones?

Live-stream Chair Yoga Classes on Flowithme Facebook live every Monday at 11.30 am GMT+1. All you need is get a chair and log into facebook to have 30 minutes of stretching, strengthening and relaxing the mind with Sara and Rosie while working on your mindset with the different life coaching techniques.

Link to Flowithme facebook page here:

Chair Yoga is for everybody. No matter their flexibility or fitness level. Sara makes her classes a combination of life coaching with yoga and meditation to support her clients in these challenging times keeping active, relaxing the mind and keep a positive outlook in life.

If you also want to join her Chair Yoga Classes online, join the Flowithme Virtual Yoga Studio today on facebook:

Classes are live-streamed on facebook live every Wednesday and Fridays at 11.30 am GMT+1 and saved so you can access them at your convenience and unlimited! If you do not have access to facebook, that is ok. You can live-stream the classes on Zoom app.

Just one click away from booking your monthly membership of €25 per month. Book your membership here and start enjoying the benefits of yoga sitting comfortably in your own home. Link for membership purchase here:

You will need for the class:

one chair

2 yoga blocks or books

1 yoga strap or a scarf

1 cushion

a smile

See you on the chair!



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