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How to Shine Bright in 2020

A day like today two years ago I left the corporate world to follow my dream and set up my own business Flowithme.

I woke up this morning to a Diamond Status award from Thermomix UK and Ireland. An award that represents a lot more than just a shinny object.

Of all years, 2020 has been a very challenging year and for direct sale, you could imagine it would be the exact same. Who is going to buy now with what is going on? How are people going to invest in the kitchen appliance Thermomix? A cooking robot I hear you saying!

How to shine bright in 2020?

  • Follow your passion: In my case, I love the product. I use it every single day to make my breakfast, lunch and dinner and showing my passion for cooking and how easy it has been a good motivators for others to want to try it;

  • Clarity in your vision: for me, it is to help others to cook and eat healthier. It can be done in the traditional way, but if you could wash the clothes by hand nowadays, would you do it? I hear you saying… nahhh I use my washing machine. Same for cooking, I could chop onions and cry while doing it, or I can let my Thermomix to do it for me.

  • Face fears: I do not particularly enjoy putting myself in front of a camera and do facebook lives from my virtual kitchen. But with lockdown I could not help my clients with the face to face cooking classes. More than ever they needed inspiration and support in their cooking journey when all of as sudden they were spending a lot more time at home and cooking. So facing the fear and going live on facebook day after day, it turned out I got to really enjoy it and have fun. I also got to cook with people from other parts of the world in live sessions and even ended up doing an Instagram live from Thermomix UK and Ireland official account. A great opportunity to meet others and connect with a great community of food lovers.

  • Consistency: the key to shine is to keep trying every day, improving, reflecting on what you are doing and how you could even make it better. Having a goal helps to find focus on what you are doing and in a very easy way, things start coming to you as you are allowing for new opportunities to arrive. You are having fun doing what you do so it is easy. It feels very easy and enjoyable so doing it day after day is easy.

  • Have fun: The last and more important, to shine, you need to have the light within you. Something that really makes you happy. Do it. When you are having fun people notice it and want to be part of it too.

I have been a Thermomix advisor for the last 9 years in Ireland. It has been a great journey following my passion for a healthy lifestyle and combine my skills to help others. Putting the hours, learning from the many mistakes made and having fun figuring it out (some days more fun than others ).

Using innovative ways to support my clients to eat healthier, stay active and open their mind.

The result is a more fulfilling and happy life for them but also for me.

To celebrate with all my clients, I have created a new ebook with 7 fantastic smoothie recipes that you can download here by signing up to my newsletter. Go to and sign up to our monthly newsletter.

Thank you to all my clients for their trust and support, particularly this year. It is the best compliment I could receive. Now it is time to shine bright like a and celebrate!

For more info about cooking with Thermomix or cooking classes , contact or check


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