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Reality vs Instagram

How many times in life you need to try something until you get it right or you like the result?

You may get lucky and nail it the first time... but being realistic, it is a matter of trial and error. The important part is your mindset and the determination to continue time and time again until you master it.

I find yoga is a great way to challenge yourself and your mindset. Some of the yoga asanas (poses) can seem very easy to do but when you start practising you realize that it is more difficult than what you initially anticipated. Your posture, your breath, your mind… all needs to be aligned in order to find the balance and be stable and hold the pose.

Yoga Asanas Instagram vs Reality
Yoga Tree Pose: Reality vs Instagram

If when we were kids we stopped trying to walk because we fell.... would we have continued crawling? I can hear you saying a big NO!! why then when we grow older and we try something new that doesn’t work at the first time, we walk away? What if we continue? What would happen? Let me tell you, you will find ways to work it out. You are resourceful and whole so eventually you will nail it!

Wherever you are today in your journey, keep trying and learning from each time and improving as you go along. You will get there!!


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