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World Mental Health Day October 10th 2020

In those moments when it feels like a lot is going on in our head, talking to someone we can trust can help us untie all the knots and see clearly how we feel and what is really going on.

Talking to someone helps you to look at things in a different way and to find solutions. Have a cup of tea with someone who cares for you or give them a call. Let them know you are not okay.

Talking things out can help lessen worry and reassure you that there is a better or different way forward.

You don't have to appear to be strong or to try to struggle through things by yourself.

Sometimes, you may expect that those close to you should know you aren't feeling good. You might feel that they should notice what you're going through. But, they may not have noticed or they might be waiting for you to ask, not wanting to interfere.

If you communicate your feelings to them, people are often willing to help out a friend in need. Your friends or family will be glad you asked. Often, they will feel privileged that you asked them in the first place. It might also help the people you care about. If you open up about your feelings, they might do the same.

It is ok not to be ok. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

World Mental Health Day was October 10th and it is a great reminder of how important is to look after our #wellbeing and #mentalwellness. Not only this day but also every day of the year.

It was a pleasure for Sara to share her passion for chair yoga and meditation with @virginmediatelevision_ employees by helping them with tools that they can use in those moments when they most need them. Online seated yoga combined with coaching is a great way to not only work on the body but also the mind.

It is GREAT to see how big companies are supporting their staff with different initiatives like chair yoga.

2020 had been a very challenging year with a lot of uncertainty and levels of stress increasing.

If you want to do a chair yoga class, join Sara in the facebook live class she did on October 10th 2020 in Flowithme facebook page.

This is a beginner friendly class filled with heart openers to activate the heart chakra and to cultivate self love. Creating more space for love and release tension around our shoulders and back. Don´t miss this opportunity to foster your own wellbeing while contributing Flowithme mission to extend yoga to everybody no matter the flexibility or fitness level.

If you would like to understand more about Chair yoga, get in touch or


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