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You make your own cake

Life is like a cake!

This is my first post in my blog and what a better way to start writing about my two passions combined, life coaching and cooking / baking.

We all have the same ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, butter.... Some people use these ingredients to make a sponge and they are happy with that... yet other people like to add a bit of color, a bit of fun to it.

Life is the same. How you combine your ingredients will get you a different result.

I had never made a ombré cake before but yesterday with a bit of assistance from my talented friend Magda I learnt how to put together such a beautiful masterpiece.

Life coaching is the same. You bring all the ingredients to our session and, with a bit of my help, you can start designing your own cake.

Sometimes it feels like you want to change your cake you currently have or make a new cake all together, you know that the current cake is not satisfying you any more and therefore you would love to try something different but you don’t know where to start.

I would have never dreamt of making a ombré cake before and now I can... and, let me I tell you, I made a hell of a cake and it tastes as good as it looks! I needed the help of Magda to realize what was missing from my baking skills and to accept the challenge of trying a new cake I had never tried before but with her guidance and support, I got the confidence to make the cake I always dreamt with.

If you also want to make changes to your current cake (or life! 😊), let me tell you it will be so worth it and the result will make you very happy. Not to mention, you will get to eat a beautiful and very tasty cake!


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