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Your Wellness Journey

This week (8-12th June 2020) Flowithme organized a 5 day Wellness Week with the Flowithme community. Starting every morning at 7am with an hour of yoga, followed by a smoothie with raw fruit and vegetables and a life coaching exercise. The clients really enjoyed the programme and some of the benefits they experienced was that they started the day with more energy and better mood that stayed with them for the rest of the day.

One hour of yoga and meditation every morning is a fantastic way to start the day stretching the body and relaxing the mind.

Flowithme also launched as part of the wellness week a new podcast channel in Spotify called "Your Wellness Journey" so all the meditations are available now on the go. To check them out, click here:

Every day a recipe of a smoothie was also available to get the vitamins and nutrients to fuel the body. This Mango, Orange and Green apple smoothie a great way to start the day or as an energizing snack.


  • 1 dessert apple, (approx. 100-120 g) cored, quartered

  • 100 g ripe mango flesh

  • 1 orange, quartered and peeled, with one strip of peel left on

  • 100 g fresh baby spinach

  • 200 g kefir or yogurt

  • 50 g almonds

  • 300 g water plus extra to dilute if desired

  • 200 g ice cubes

Blend in Thermomix for 4 minutes / speed 10 or use a blender and blend all ingredients. This is a recipe inspired from

This week there a Cooking workshop with Thermomix took place explaining how easy it is to use the Varoma tray in the Thermomix and steam vegetables, fruits, meat, fish... The many benefits of steaming versus other cooking methods. Steamed food retains more of its original vitamins, minerals & enzymes, which would otherwise leach out into the cooking water used when boiling.

Steaming softens the fibres of vegetables and fruits, making them more easily digestible, so your body can absorb all that nutritional goodness more easily.